Sunday, November 16, 2008

I got tagged!!

So, here it is...I got tagged by Jamie the almost Aggie from , and to be fair, I must play by the here goes! (Oh yeah, and she challenged me to make my facts non-political, which will be very difficult, but it's worth a shot!)

7 Random and/or Weird facts about me...this should be interesting!

#1. I am the biggest sucker for a banana fudge-brownie sunday. Ever since I worked at sonic back in high school and had their banana fudge sunday, I was was love at first bite! Then they came up with a fudge brownie sunday, and being the creative employee that I am, I just combined the 2, and favorite dessert was born!

#2. I have the cutest little girl in the world. Yeah yeah, I know what you're thinking, "every parent thinks they have the cutest kid." Well, I would say to you, Yes! I agree! Laney has the biggest blue eyes in the world...and when she smiles, it is over! I could be having a terrible day, but when she laughs at me all my problems go away. She really really wants to crawl SO BAD, and she can basically do everything BUT crawl...she can roll all the way across the room both left and right, and she can move backwards, but the going forward is the hard part. She has all the ingredients in the crawl recipe, she just hasn't quite figured out how they mesh yet, but it is coming very soon! And when it does, I'll have to find a new place for my XBOX controllers, because she likes to put them in her very cute but slobbery mouth...

#3. Our chihuahua (Rocksey) can slither her way through the smallest hole under the fence. We've lived in our house for about a year and a 1/2, and I cannot tell you how many times the doorbell has rang and sure enough, there is a neighbor standing at the door holding her. Or several times calling her name from the front yard, or 2 blocks down the street, or the time some guy took her 3 neighborhoods over to this retired army guy, who was going to take her to the vet on-post the next day because she had an Army rabies tag...grrrrr... Just when I think every hole is filled in and every break in the fence is fixed, she still squirms her way through.

#4. I want to know how to honestly make a million dollars. This is not my top priority, because I know money isn't the most important thing in life. I know God will take care of me and my family no matter what, so I'm not too worried about what the future holds. Though, at the same time, I read books about all kinds of self-made millionaires who are able to reach out to people through philanthropy and I want to be one of those guys. This morning our preacher taught about "generosity"...and what a good sermon it was. He talked about the economy, stocks, and hard financial times, and then about how if we give of ourselves even when we struggle, our cups will be overflowing...and I believe it! I've seen the way He takes care of us through others who have been financially blessed more than me, and I'd like also to be able to help the way I've been.

#5. I want to write a book. I blogged a little back in college, and when I have time, I really enjoy it. I have a pretty weird sense of humor, but some people find it quite amusing, so if I could somehow write a book that appeals to those people I would absolutely love it! The question is, what in the world would I write about? I could write about my life, or politics, but what I really like is creative writing. Stories that are believable up until a point where they become extreme and make people stop and say "what??" Sometimes I can be very random, so maybe someday I'll write one. Or I might just hitch-hike to Minnesota. Either way it'll be the greatest experience of my life.

#6. I have way too many pet peeves. I used to solely blog about this topic, listing every strange thing that gets my blood rising...such as watching a widescreen DVD on a normal TV or watching a movie in closed caption with no deaf people in the room. Or when women sing tenor (a MAN'S part). Or when someone asks you a question that goes something like "Hey, have you ever..." (fill in the blank with whatever you've heard recently) and you say "no." Then they act like that is the worst thing they've ever heard, and they are completely shocked that you've never heard of or done or said whatever it was they asked you about. "WHAT?!?! You've NEVER drank coke-a-cola out of a glass harmonica before...EVER?!?!" So annoying. Or forwards that say "If you don't forward this to at least 73,865 people in the next 3 seconds you'll be single forever, your car will catch fire, your dog will jump to his death from a skyscraper, and a jet engine will fall from the sky through your roof tonight. And you'll get rabies.

#7. Somehow my wife manages to put up with my crazy antics. I'll be the first to admit that I am far from normal. And if you know me very well, then you are probably smiling and saying to yourself, "that's right, he is crazy!" I am always joking with people...some get it, some don't...well, I should say a lot don't get it. But they still laugh, and most likely just laughing to act like they got it so as not to hurt my very sensitive feelings. Not too sure how anyone could stand to be married to me, cuz I know I couldn't stand it! But she loves me for who I am, so I am very blessed! You gotta admit, though, we made a really cute baby...(which people still find absolutely amazing that something so awesome could come from someone so strange!)

I'm finished...there are my 7. Not necessarily the ones I would have chosen (without the political challenge), but hopefully that lets you in on a side of me not everybody knows of. So now I will pick 7 people at "random"...completely random. Here goes...

Lindsey B

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jamie said...

nice job! and man, you were quick to respond, i think i took 2 weeks. and your daughter is beautiful, yall should make some more!